A Traditional Jewish Wedding at The Fairmont Hotel

The Tradition of Circling

There are many symbolic meanings behind the tradition of circling in a Jewish wedding. One that I like says that when Joshua led the Children of Israel in the battle for the city of Jericho, he was instructed to circle the city seven times, resulting in the walls of the city crumbling. As two people enter into marriage, they face the challenge of breaking down the “walls” that may exist between them.

Traditionally, the bride circles the groom seven times but Jenny and Adam chose to circle each other three times and end the symbolic tradition with the final circle together.
Ceremony date: May 24, 2009
Couple: Jenny Bockow and Adam Schoenfeld
Venue: Fairmont Hotel
Flowers: AriaStyle

Like many of the families I photograph, I tend to have long term relationships with them. This is one of the longest. I have photographed the Bakes for at least ten years and always look forward to them coming to town each summer for their at least once yearly photo shoot…aren’t they cute!
The Bakes