Stimson Green Wedding

It’s a numbers thing for this couple which is why they picked Wednesday 09.09.09 to tie the knot!

“The story goes… for a long time now whenever I glance at the clock, the numbers always seem to be in a short palindrome: 2:02pm, 6:06pm, and so on. So a few years into our relationship (before we ever talked marriage) I wrote Aimee a poem using the numbers as a guide, and the last line was: 9:09, gonna make you mine. I asked her to marry me on 08.08.08. Funny thing is, when we went to look at the mansion the first time, we arrived at 6:06 pm and without planning, left at exactly 7:07pm. I’ve always wondered if the numbers were meant to be lucky and now I know they are.”


Ceremony Date: September 9, 2009
Couple: Aimee Peterson and John Palacios
Venue: Stimson-Green Mansion

I thought I should post this wedding that was featured on the amazing wedding website Style Me Pretty. It’s such a gorgeous wedding!

Ceremony Venue: Private Home
Reception Venue: Fairmont Hotel